Soldier/Brawler Character Rework
Duncan ecclestone image1

the original concept called for flat colours and exaggerated proportions

Duncan ecclestone shush renderfull

I had a lot of trouble with the opacity and emission settings for the visor in the earlier versions of substance painter that this was built in, ultimately I included it as a separate material export on the same mesh texture.

Duncan ecclestone shush renderhand

small flairs were added at art directors request.

Duncan ecclestone shush renderfull 001
Duncan ecclestone shush 002 1
Duncan ecclestone shush 002

Sun Bleached Soldier

Soldier/Brawler Character Rework

this is a project I've had on the shelf for a while, it started as a concept for a game I was collaborating on but the project never got off the ground so I just finished up the initial work on the model based on the concept I was given and shelved it.
However, I've had some time to come back and rework the model and textures recently to bring it more in line with my current skill level

More artwork
Duncan ecclestone highresscreenshot00006Duncan ecclestone cannoneer 020Duncan ecclestone sniper 040